Friday, April 2, 2010

new nail color & misc...

last week, while helping my sister in law carry the shelf from our basement to our family room, i chipped one of my nails. =( i ended up having to trim them all down. so now my nails are shorter. its harder to draw on shorter nails, so this week's nail design is just a stamp from the essence nail stamp kit i bought two weeks ago. the base is for love's 'light grey', which i bought a couple of months ago, but just never got around to painting my nails with it.
oh and then, last week, i finally received my cell phone rhinestone sticker that i bought off of soompi for $2. i should've bought more. unfortunately, it was only enough to cover the back of my phone for now. i'll have to stop by the flea market to purchase the other set that i saw a while back for the front of my phone. =(

also, last week, i received in the mail, TWO free panty coupons from VS. yay! must go redeem them this weekend.


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