Thursday, April 29, 2010

who doesn't love a good floral print?

finally got around to doing my nails last night. its been a while because i had to wait for my nails to grow out since i had to trim them last time from breaking a nail. =( anyway, it was inspired from this photo from soompi. not as pretty, but i didn't want to spend too much time on it since i had other things to do.

other than new painted nails, over the weekend, i bought myself a new pair of heels. love them! $34.50. normally, i wouldn't spend that much for shoes because i'm really good at finding great deals, but once i tried them on, i loved them too much to wait. plus, they were the only pair in my size.


Katrina said...

oh! awesome job with the floral! its pretttty! =)

Jan said...

i agree... it's soooo pretty!

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