Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello Kitty & Giveaway.

a couple of nights ago, i redid my nails to use the china glaze "strawberry fields" that i won from katrina's giveaway. since i adore hello kitty, and have yet to do a hk mani, i decided this was the time to do it. unfortunately, only after a day, i had already lost one of the rhinestones on my right thumb. =( i'll have to readd it on later.

also, is having a giveaway!
fiberwig mascara? sounds great to me! =)


Katrina said...

how cute! i love Hello Kitty too! are those flowers on your ring finger stickers? stamps? drawn? haha they're super cute!

Pang said...

@katrina: they were stamped. =)

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