Wednesday, January 19, 2011

monkey-ing around....

no mani photos today. just crochet photos. i finished this hat this morning. i started it late last night. its super cute on my niece. i also made 3 other hats for my friend's kids. i still have to fix them a bit more, so until i'm actually "done" with them, i won't post any photos of those yet.
here's my niece with the sock monkey hat. she's only 7 months, so it was quite challenging to get her to sit still and look at the camera.


Jan said...

so cute... such talent!

i wish i can do crochet again.. i used to back in highschool, that's ages ago! i forgot how to now...:)

Katrina said...

omg, thats soooo cute!! awesome job!~

Pang said...

@jan: thanks! yeah, i had given up on crocheting too, but i picked it back up again a couple of years ago. now, its my "winter" hobby.

@katrina: thank you. =)

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