Wednesday, January 12, 2011

nail polishes and mani update

finally! a real update. i haven't been blogging on here much, because i don't have access to a computer when i'm over at my bf's. =( i do have the option of blogging through his phone, but i'm not about to sit for an hour trying to "type" with his phone keyboard. lol

anyway, here are some of my most recent manis:

these are my most recent purchases of nail polish:
i went to walgreens, and they were having a super sale! all the wet n wild polishes were only 49 cents! can't get any better than that. the rest were 99 cents to 1.99. then, the first one, was from ulta for 2.99. its china glaze's matte finish. will try that out sometime this week.


Katrina said...

cute manis! i love your floral manis! and nice haul! i went to walgreens in hopes to get those newer wnw polishes..but i got nothing T___T

Pang said...

@katrina: thanks! yeah, the first walgreens i went to had nothing. i was lucky that i went to the one by my house, which is all the way out in the suburbs, so there was a ton of them left. i'll probably end up going back to get the rest of them.

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