Wednesday, April 27, 2011

the bf says i shop too much..............

its true. i do. i can't help it. shopping can be so therapeutic for me. i think its the satisfaction of getting something for such a great bargain. i don't know why he's complaining, when most of the time, i'm buying stuff for his place anyway. =)

here's what i got from various stores. i actually bought a whole bunch of frames for cheap too, but didn't take any photos.

marshalls actually had these "elf" products for $5.99, so i had to grab them. 

also bought this coral/pink top from marshalls too. i think thats the new color for me this spring/summer. coral. so pretty.

i also got this candle holder from there for 4.99. oh wait, maybe it was from tj max? i can't remember. either way, i love the look of it. i've seen in a magazine decor spread, and i'm sure their version was way more expensive than mine.

purchased these items from target. i love target for clearancing off their stuff.

these shoes weren't on clearance, but i needed a pair of "nude" flats, and these were super cute. maybe i should've waited for the price to go down? i usually do, but decided to "splurge" on myself for once. they were $24.99, i think.

purchased these from sally's beauty supply. they were having a buy two, get one free. 
 since i renewed my membership, i received this ion moisture conditioner for free. it was anything ion under $7.99 for free.

 purchased this chain and beads from michaels. i've been into trying to make jewelry. i have yet to make anything. too many hobbies, and not enough time. =( i'll post a photo once i'm done.

 these items were also from michaels. i had "updated" my bf's bathroom, and these were  part of the redecorating. i really wish i had taken a before shot. =( anyway, i love the new look. so fresh and clean. maybe i'll take an after shot?


Jean said...

after two years of living here.. i finally am going to decorate the house, lol

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