Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bows, Bows, & more BOWS!

wow, its been a long while since i've last blogged on here. i've been into headbands lately, but that might be only because they've been on clearance. =) i was at michael's (i go there a few times a month for my crafty needs), and saw these ribbon headbands on clearance for .79 cents. i also picked up this crochet motif for a necklace. that was $2.49?
also picked up these tubes of glitter and little metal balls. great for nail decor. i've yet to use them yet, because i haven't had the time to do so.

then, at jcp, i needed to use up my giftcard, so i bought my bf a pair of shorts, and still needed to use up the rest of the money, so i saw this crocheted bow headband on sale for under $3, and picked that up. along with a pair of earrings for 5.99.

here's my mani for the week. guess what it is? bows! if you can't already tell, i have an obsession with bows.


Jean said...

i love how you did your nails! sooooo cute! i love bows!

and i love headbands. i haven't worn them much this summer. too hot.. hair goes in ponytail ;)

Pang said...

@jean: thanks!
yeah, headbands are my easy way out when i don't feel like doing anything to my hair. i usually just pull my hair back into a bun/ponytail, and wear a headband.

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