Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goodies & Roses

over the weekend my bf & i stopped by my local goodwill. my intent was to look for a gray purse so that i could take the straps off and use it on my crocheted purse that i made, but i didn't find any. =( unfortunately, my bf's intent was to buy as much junk as he could. lol he ended up getting a few cds (bsb, nsync, etc), a few dvd movies, a photo cube (totally useless, but i didn't want to hear him complain, so i let him have it), and a few other misc things. i, on the other hand, grabbed a frame (which was new and only 1.99), an asian food container (also new), a rectangle glass container to hold my nail art(i'll post the finished product soon), a white flower vase (only 2.99), a wooded elephant, and an owl figurine. i love owls, and the elephant was super cute.

i actually spray painted the elephant and the owl white yesterday to go with the decor in my room.

i still need to do a second coat, and then they should be done. i love how paint can transform anything old into something new and modern.

the same day, i also went into ulta to get my free item. since it took me forever to finally go to ulta, there weren't that many choices left on the nail polishes, so i picked "fine pruned". which, i thought was a really nice color. i've been looking for something similar for my sister. anyway, i also got around to trimming my nails and finally using my new konad image plates i got a couple weeks ago. 

 i love the rose print. i wanted to do it over newspaper printed nails, but i couldn't find our rubbing alcohol. =(
the rose print is on the right one, image plate m65.


Jean said...

i know. i love spray paint, too! old to new. definitely!

love your creativity! <3

nplaher said...

Nice figures and good thinking about painting them. Sometimes you forget to turn something old to new. Nice nail color you pick from Ulta. LOVE IT.

BloomHG said...

i love what you did to the owl n elephant, very chic!

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