Tuesday, November 15, 2011

yarn wreath and mani

after a whole year of wanting to make a yarn wreath, i finally had enough time to sit down to do it. it literally took me two hours to wrap the whole foam wreath in yarn. then, it took me a couple more hours to cut out my felt and glue it to make the flower. in the end, well worth the time. i love the end result. i can't wait to make more yarn wreaths.

i also was finally able to paint my nails. my crochet business has kept me pretty busy, so the only time i actually ever get to paint my nails now, is when i'm over at my bf's place. his place has now become my mini vacation getaway. 


BloomHG said...

Love it! Compliments your door color too.. I haven't tried a yarn wreath, but thinking about putting together a Christmas wreath.

Pang said...

@bloomhg: you should! its a lot of fun decorating the wreath.

Dorothy Explor'r said...

those are beautiful designs to go with laos and thai outfits :)

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