Wednesday, December 21, 2011

shopping haul part 2.....

i told myself that i wasn't going to shop this year for myself, but since it was my birthday at the beginning of the month, i decided to finally spoil myself just a little. i always get coupons from jcpenney, so today i decided to stop in to take a look. i had a $10 off of $25.

 i found this olsenboye chiffon peasant top in the clearance section. it was on sale for $14.99, but with my coupon, it came out to $9.32. (the Olsenboye brand is by mary-kate and ashley olsen).

 i loved the buttoned cuff. it makes it super cute.

since that shirt was only $14.99, i had to look around for $10 worth of other stuff to buy to use my coupon. i ended up in the shoe department. i always look in the clearance section because i can usually find really cute shoes for super cheap. i first had my eye on a pair of red heels for $9 but they didn't have my size. the half size up was too loose. =( i was bummed, but then saw these in the next aisle over. they were a half size larger than my normal size, but since these weren't pumps, they fit perfectly. these were on clearance for $9 something too, but with my coupon discount, they only came up to $6.46!!! they had a brown pair too, but they weren't in my size. =( i would've definitely bought the brown pair too.

since i was still under my $25 goal, i picked up these pink soft socks for $3.99, but with the discount, they came up to $2.58.

my grand total for all 3 items: $18.36.

i also had a coupon for sally's beauty supply. since it was my birthday, they emailed me a $10 off of $20 coupon. i knew that i wanted a curling iron, and since they were having a promotion, i received a mini curler for free! the total for this purchase was $18 something also. which was a great deal considering that the original price on the bigger iron was $26 and the smaller one was $19.

i'm still shopping for a new black purse for myself, but i might have to wait til after christmas when they clearance off more stuff. overall, i'm pretty happy with the purchases that i made. =)


Jean said...

i want to learn bargain shopping, lol!

Rena said...

Your haul is quite a bargain. I love bargains and it's enticing to shop especially when I have coupons waiting to be used.
But I cannot wait til after Christmas AND the new year because that's when all the shopping starts for me. I love to shop and save for the next year's season.

<33 Rena

Pang said...

@jean: i looooove using coupons! thats the best way to save on stuff. plus, you must wait til the sales.

@rena: thanks. i know, after christmas sales are the best!

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