Wednesday, December 7, 2011

a year older....

yesterday was my birthday, and it definitely made me feel older. i can't believe how fast the years went by. my bf & i were watching glee yesterday, and it made me wish that i was 17 again. if only.
anyway, i'm usually not big on my own birthday celebrations, so the bf & i didn't really do anything special. he did get me a new watch, which was quite shocking. why was it shocking? well, because i realized that he actually LISTENED to me when i talked. lol we've been christmas shopping a lot lately, and i'd talk about wanting to get a new bracelet watch, because my other watches weren't working. i never thought that he'd actually listen to me when i talked about "stuff", because, well, he's a guy.  ha ha ha
aside from a new watch and some jewelry that he got me, my sister in law also bought me a hello kitty perfume necklace. the charm opens up to reveal perfume that you can use your finger to rub and then dab on yourself. 
anyway, i'll have to post photos later when my camera battery is all charged up.



Jean said...

seriously,,, some men just do not listen... even if you tell them EVERY DAY!!! LOL!

i've become more simple than i already am as well. to be honest... i am not looking forward to christmas :S

Pang said...

@jean: i know! that was why i was extremely shocked that he did! lol

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