Tuesday, January 24, 2012

shopping haul from the weekend....

i shop too much! i had to clean out my closet, again, because i needed to make room for my new items.
even though i was just at old navy the other week, i went back because they were having an extra 50% off of their clearance, and there were a few items that i wanted to get, but never did. most of my stuff was $5 and under, some were $9, but overall, excellent deals!

this was one of my favorite buys there. a black blazer with white lining detail for $5!

i also loved this pleated mini skirt for $5.

 i just realized that most of the stuff i bought were black, white/cream, and Fuchsia! my favorite colors.

i also stopped by goodwill to look for some wall paper remnants, but couldn't find any. instead, found these things:
 this little floral wooden purse for $5. it instantly caught my eye, and i just had to have it. i think it would be so cute for spring/summer with a flowy dress/skirt.

 i loved the army green color on this one. it was brand new, for only $4.99.
 the bright orange inside, definitely gives it that pop of color that it needs.
 this were an instant eye catcher too. they're a half size smaller than i wear, because i normally would wear a 7, but they were too cute to pass up. i can fit into 6 1/2s, depending on the style of the shoe. thankgoodness, these fit me.

 the bottom of the soles were in really great shape too.

then, on my way home, i stopped by jcp to kill some time. i've had my eyes on this jacket, ever since it came into the store, but it was always a little too pricey for me. it finally went down to $24, and when i tried it on, i fell in love with it. $24 is still a little too pricey in my opinion, but i loved it enough to pay the price. lol since it wasn't too cold that day, i actually wore it after i purchased it.

i think that i'm done shopping....for shirts that is. lol i still need to look for a dress, since i might be going to california for my sister's wedding in march.


charlene-ann said...

such amazing stuff you picked up & not to mention what great deals they were! :)

Dorothy Explor'r said...

wow, pang! when you shop - YOU SHOP! ahah. i can't remember the last time i bought something (to wear) for myself that was new. i've been shopping at thrift stores for so long now - i don't even know where i'd go to actually shop anymore. good thing i've built a good arsenal of classic pieces throughout the years :) and thanks for coming by. i always appreciate your comments! now, MORE THRIFTING POSTS! ;P eheh.


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