Monday, August 6, 2012

Random buys...

i love youtubing. it gives me awesome reviews on items that i want to get. i finally decided to spend the money to get a better face primer and eye shadow primer. i purchased the murad skin perfecting primer acne & shine control. since i don't use it everyday because i don't wear make up everyday, i don't know if i see a difference. then again, its been so incredibly hot here that no primer/setting spray seems to help. i do like that it prevents breakouts.
i also went ahead and purchased the urban decay "eden" primer. i once bought the original a long time ago, and didn't like it because it didn't work well for me. then at my sister's wedding, her friend did our make up and used this one on my eyes, and i did notice that it helped keep my eye shadow from creasing or smudging. this one goes on matte, which is a lot nicer than the original one. $35.00 for the face primer, $20.00 for the eden eyeshadow primer.

 i also purchased a hair thickening cream from the marc anthony collection. so far, it works, but sometimes leaves my roots feeling gross if i don't blow dry it well. $7.99

also bought this "easy-lites" kit, which i saw on youtube. since my hair is dark brown, it did work on me. now, because you have to use a flat iron, it does damage your hair, but i find that deep conditioning right after for a few days helped bring my hair back. i liked this product because it was easy to use and cheap! $8.99
i couldn't take a good photo because of the bathroom lighting, but in person, you could definitely see the difference.

 since rose gold is in at the moment, i purchased this watch from target. i love it! $19.99

these chevron rings are also from target. they had other colors too, but i chose the blue shades. might end up going back to get the other colors too. =) $7.99 from target.

 last but not least, is my target summer beauty bag. i didn't buy it, but just wanted to share what was inside. if you remember my spring beauty bag from this post, this is the summer one that target gave out. i love the sunblock, because its small enough to fit into my purse.


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