Monday, March 15, 2010

My trip to walmart....

last week, the bf and i went to walmart, and while he wandered off looking for his car stuff, i wandered into the nail polish aisle. i've never purchased nail polish from walmart before because i'm never in that store, but i saw this little bottle of purple glitter and decided to buy it.
the photos definitely don't show how glittery they are in person. i was going to do a design over them, but loved the way they already looked, so just left them as is. it actually went great over my china glaze purple polish.

i also saw this "nail artist" stencil kit and decided to get that also. i've yet to try that kit. i'll post photos when i do.

here are photos of two of the stencils. i used the two butterflies. it actually worked quite well. very clean lines.


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