Thursday, March 18, 2010

Crocheted items & "What Did I Buy" items.......

i finally finished my crochet bib necklace that i started months ago. with everything that has been going on, i just never got around to finishing it, until yesterday.

also finally finished the baby "loafers" that i made for my sister in law.

oh, and then finally finished all the flowers which will be fridge magnets as party favors for the babyshower. it was a very long process because i had to sew in all the ends and pieces together and then hot glue gun all the magnets on. i think i ended up making about 180 of them. so, if i do have any left over, they will be given away. =)

What Did I Buy section:
i love shopping and finding cute things to wear. my friends say that i'm always too "dressy" when i go out with them, but i can't help looking nice. lol =)
anyway, these are items i bought over the week.
a black romper from charlotte russe for $16. its still a bit chilly to wear it out, but hopefully soon. i just hope that i won't have to use the bathroom alot, because that would be a pain to have to take it all off, just to pee.

bought these floral print cardigans at wetseal for $15. it was buy one, get one for a penny. even though i told myself, no more winter clothing because i want to focus on summer wear, i couldn't resist. i love floral print!

then, i saw this little shoulder bag at ny&co. just had to get it even though it wouldn't fit all of my junk that i usually carry in my purse. this was only $8.

last but not least, got these super cute black heels from the thrift store, brand new. target donates a lot of their unsold items to this particular store, so it was a great deal. only $6.


Katrina said...

oh my gosh, your crochet bib looks SO cute! the baby loafers & flowers are adorable too! and awesome buy's from the stores! i wanna go shopping now =P

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