Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekend Purchases.....

over the weekend, i ended up going to ulta, specifically to get my mascara and to use my coupon. well, i ended up in the clearance aisle and grabbed a few nail polishes. i had originally grabbed a lot, but as i walked to the register, i put a lot back. lol didn't want to spend too much, since i am broke. anyway, i couldn't get my mascara, since they didn't have it. =( while i was waiting for my friend at the end of one of the make up aisles, i noticed the new brand "essence". most of their stuff is super cheap. their nail polishes were only 99 cents, but i opted out on buying them at the moment. instead i grabbed their "nail art stamp kit" and their "nail art stylist tool". both under $3. also grabbed some nail stickers.
then, i headed over to sally's specifically to use my 20% off coupon, and bought 3 china glazes from the up collection.

oh, and my package finally arrived! last week, i bought some nail stuff from soompi. its 12 little cases of glitter and 12 different colors of acrylic powder plus the liquid. all for $20. can't wait to try these out.

in the meantime, here are photos of this week's nails using the piggy nail polish and the nail art stickers.

the little butterfly "sticker" feels more like those fimo clay nail decos. =)


Katrina said...

what a cute mani! ;) and oh my gosh! i need to get myself to an Ulta asap! i really want to try Essence's nail art stamp thing! and you got your acrylic powder & glitters all for $20?! WHAT. A. DEAL! i have a soompi so i gotta go look around there for deals like that! haha

Pang said...

@katrina, yes i did! it was a good deal. plus, she sent it out pretty quickly too.
oh, and yes, go to ulta! now, i have an extra stamper,plate, and scraper, for cheap-er!

Katrina said...

hi again =) i came back to look at your stuff. i REALLY like your acrylic powder & glitter. haha. do you mind if i ask which person on soompi you ordered from?

Pang said...

@katrina,i bought them from sweetkiwi, but i don't think she has any more.

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