Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day manis & crochet updates

i finally had time to do a couple of simple manis. the photo quality sucks though, because i took them on my bf's camera phone. =(

this was inspired by whitney port's headwrap/ear warmer.  her's was a knitted one, mine is a crocheted one. very warm and great for when i don't want to mess up my hair with a hat.

this is a kimono wrap sweater i made for my niece ella. its actually a size 12 months, but since she's 8 months, and still pretty small for her age (she can still fit into size 6 months clothes), its a bit big on her. oh well, better big than small right? its always challenging to get a really GREAT photo of her, so i don't have alot of good ones to show. maybe when my sister in law takes photos of her, i can post those up. =)


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