Wednesday, March 2, 2011

new mani and decor haul

finally got around to painting my nails. i didn't take a photo of the polishes, so i can't remember which ones i used. even though its winter time here, my get our occasional mid 30's days, which is like shorts and tee shirt weather for us minnesotans. =) anyway, i wanted something to remind me that spring is just around the corner. can't wait!

the other day while shopping around michaels for some yarn, i stopped by their decor aisle, and they were having a 50% off sale, so i picked up a few items.

i picked up this medium sized bird, to go with my other birds that i had bought a few years ago. 
 it was originally 7.99, but with their sale, it was only 3.99, which is a great price for the size.

also picked up these two apothecary bird jars to put my q-tips and cotton balls in. they were the perfect size.
 the smaller one was 5.99, but with the sale was only 2.99

the larger one was 6.99, but i got it for 3.49. which was also a great deal!

 here they both are, filled with the qtips and cotton balls on my makeup shelf. =) i love them.
 here's a quick shot of my makeup. i'm not really into makeup, so i don't have a load of it. i usually go for a natural look, unless i'm going "out", then i'll emphasize more on my eyes. besides, i'd rather spend my money on nail polish, if you can't already tell. =)

the last purchase, i got from target. i've been meaning to get a new makeup bag, for when i travel back and forth between my house and the bf's. target had been clearancing off some of their bags, but it was still kind of pricey. so, i did what i did best.....WAIT. finally, it dropped down low enough, that i was willing to buy one. =)

i love the floral print, and the fact that its pink. plus, you can't beat that price! =)


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