Thursday, March 10, 2011

old mani & haul of stuff! =)

last week, i finally got around to painting my nails. it was to remind me that spring was around the corner. which, i can't believe we're already "springing" ahead of time this weekend. is it just me, or does it seem early this year?
once again, i forgot to take a photo of the polishes, so i can't remember what i used. =( the base coat was actually a combination of two polishes. one purple one and the top one was a soft shimmer cream polish. anyway, the combination  of the two made such a pretty lilac purple.

onto the haul of stuff!
i actually tend to "shop" a lot when i have nothing else to do. bad habit, i know. i looooooove great deals!

i was actually on a mission to shop for a birthday gift for my sil. went to h&m first, and ended up buying this black fabric loop scarf for $5. originally 14.95. i'm usually not into the whole "scarf" trend, but i figured, for $5 i could try it. if i don't like it, i'll end up giving it away.

i also picked up this teal cropped cardigan/shrug for $7, for my sil. 
then, i went to marshalls, hoping to find a top to go with the shrug. nope. nothing. instead, i found these two cute boxes of nail polish for $7.99. i couldn't resist the cute packing, so i grabbed the pink and the blue box. unfortunately, they weren't all different. the blue box has 4 of the same colors of the pink one. i'll probably end up giving those 4 away in a giveaway.....whenever i get to that.

 it's apparently quick drying, toluene, formaldehyde & dbp free. oh, and vegan friendly. thats the first i've ever seen of that on a nail polish label.

isn't the cap cute? they look like little daffodil flowers. too cute.
the brand is Goldie. it even had a bow around it.

here's the swatches of the polishes. unfortunately, they didn't come with color names, so i can't tell what each color is named. they're actually really girly colors. i love the pink shimmer ones.

close up. the dark one looks black, but its more of a dark navy/purple color. can you see the shimmery color? so pretty.

here's the back
 also picked up this mirrored wall deco stick on for $7.50. i loved the birds and the flowers. not sure where exactly i'll hang it up yet. but, it was too cute to pass up.

then i finally got around to checking out a new boutique called charming charlie. i've been hearing some of my friends talk about it. its a jewelry store with shoes & other accessories (purses, hair clips, clothes, etc). one of my friends said it had affordable prices and what not. right when i walked in, i was wowed. there was sooooo much stuff to look at. i loved how they color coordinated all their jewelry. i tried looking for something in their purple area for my sil. no luck. i couldn't find myself paying 12 dollars for a necklace that was just "eh". then i thought about finding myself something. walked around probably 5 times, and the only thing i could find that i couldn't leave the store without, was this peacock ring for $7.97. at first, i was hesitant about getting it because, 1: it had an elastic band, which i hate. (actually, 99% of their rings were like that), 2: it was freaking 7.97! i've never paid that much for a ring. the only reason i bought it was because it was cute and unique. i probably won't be going to that store anymore. i didn't really find their jewelry to be my taste. it seemed more geared towards women in their 30's-40's, which was most of the customers there. lol there were some cute pieces and purses, but i can probably find something cheaper at f21. oh, and another thing that bothered me about that store. i was in there for 30 minutes, walking around looking, and none of their sales associates greeted me, until i was about to leave. thats a thumbs down for me.

then, i went to michaels. bought some acrylic paint and these square studs. will probably try to stick them on my nails somehow. the gold pack was only $1. the black pack was $1.99.
i decided to stop at kohl's to see if i could find something to go with my sil's shrug. no luck there either. however, i found this zip up orange/red dress for only $5. i can totally see myself wearing that on a hot summer day with a belt and cute sandals. also picked up these "diamond" studs for $4. this is my third pair of these same earrings. for some odd reason, i keep losing  one side of a pair of earrings. i don't know why! i have a few other cute pairs of earrings that i've lost one side to, so i no longer wear them. so sad. =( anyway, i love these. i usually wear them everyday.

since i didn't have any luck at those stores, i decided to drive all the way across town to another mall. went into f21, but since it was brand new, i couldn't really shop because there were way too many people. i actually found a different top for my sil, but decided to go shop around at other stores first.

i went into charlotte russe, and found this top. its a tube top that flows. it matches perfectly. plus, it was on sale for 9.99. score! since i finally found my sil something, i decided to look around for myself.

stopped by their jewelry clearance section and saw these cute bow earrings and ring. couldn't resist, so i snatched these up too. (i just can't say no to bows).

as i was about to walk to the register, i saw this top in the clearance section. i didn't want to go try it on, so since it was my size, i figured, i'd just risk it. if it didn't fit, i'd just return it. thank goodness it fits! i loooove this top. i got it for $14.99. of course, you can see why i loved it, because of the pearl bow detail at the neck.

then, the other day i was bored, and decided to stop by sally's. last time i was there, they were doing a buy one top coat, get one base coat free deal, but every time i went, they were always out of one or the other. finally, they had a coupon for that same deal, and they were stocked up! of course, i grabbed these. i kind of have a love hate relationship with seche vite's top coat. i love the fast drying formula, but hate how it sometimes smears and shrinks my polish.

they were also having a buy two, get one free ardell false lashes. i picked up two of the demi wispies and one of the demi pixies.

also had to stop at walgreens to pick up my bf's meds, and decided to pick up the new wet n wild trio eye shadows. i originally purchased the middle(sweet as candy) one first. i loved how pigmented the light pink was. most light pink eye shadows never seem pigmented enough, but this was. i now see why so many of the youtube make up gurus love wet n wild's eye shadows.

left to right: walking on eggshells, sweet as candy, knock on wood

walgreens was also having an incredible 50% off sale on all of their kiss nail stuff. i wanted to buy so much stuff, but only grabbed this. its a rainbow animal print stick on nail wraps. the price? $2.99!

also bought this pack of burts bees lip balm to try. i always hear how good this brand is, but i don't really like the taste of it. i only tried the middle one, so will probably end up giving the other two away also. oh, this was on clearance for $3.99 and came with that bee eraser.

whew! what an entry. there are a couple of other things that i didn't take a photo of because i forgot to. i'll probably add those items on my next entry. till then, happy mani and happy shopping!


BloomHG said...

I love how detailed your nails are! I've heard about Charming Charlie as well... But just haven't had the chance to be around that part of town yet to check it out. There is a similar store to F21 you should check out called Love Culture at the Shops at West End in St Louis Park.

Pang said...

@BloomHG: oh really? thanks for the info. I'll have to check it out one of these days.

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