Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DIY storage makeover

i actually did this project a while back, but just never got around to posting it up.
if you have this clear container/drawer bin, you'll probably like this idea. i came up with this, after many years of having to always fold my clothes neatly, just so it would appear nicely on the front. i don't have a "real" dresser because my room can't fit one at the moment, and these plastic drawer bins are much smaller and they allow me to stack them up tall, which also allows me to fit more clothes into them. (i've been told i have too much clothes.)
i hated this eye sore, so i decided to cover it up somehow. i thought about gift wrap, but it wouldn't work as well, since it would tear easily. then, one day while i was at target, i came across this shelf liner paper roll, and a light bulb went off in my head. it was the perfect material and the perfect color for my room. now, i don't have the photos of showing you actual step by step instructions. its pretty easy though. all you have to do is, measure the front  of the drawer, and cut enough to fit inside allowing yourself a few inches around to fold in the crevices.then, tape it all down on the inside of the drawer.
here's what one drawer done, does to the whole set. doesn't it look nicer? since my bins are against a wall and next to each other, i didn't have to cover the while drawer, but just the front.

here's what two drawers looks like.
here's the completed project. i love not seeing the mess inside, and plus it adds to the decor of my room.


Jean said...

that is super neat! not a bad idea! love it! thank you for sharing!

Pang said...

@jean: thanks!

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