Thursday, August 25, 2011

good finds.....

the other day, we went shopping and stopped by a thrift store to look around. i stumbled across this purse in the purse aisle. it was the style i've been wanting for a while now. its in really good condition, plus the inside was clean! usually that store is over priced for their items, but $4.99 was a good deal.

so glad that i walked by the purses. i was actually trying to look for a gray purse so that i could tear out the handles for the bag that i'm making, but no luck.

then, last week, i went to target, and they were having a major 75% off clearance on their summer shoes. it was hard for me not to just buy every single pair, but i really have no more room for shoes and in reality, would never wear most of them. the one pair that i did buy was this pair of black flats. i've been looking for one forever now. i have one, but needed another one. so, for under $5, i grabbed it. its a half size bigger that what i normally wear, but since its stretchy, it fits fine.

the last good deal, i got was from a few weeks ago from michaels. i love that store. they were clearancing off their summer collections, and i bought these two eiffel tower candles for under $4 each.


Jean said...

i forgot to mention. if you ever plan to get rid of anything... you can throw 'em my way ;)

nplaher said...

Cute findings.

Pang said...

@jean: i'll think of you next time!

@nplaher: thanks.

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