Tuesday, September 6, 2011

MN state fair & nail art

my bf & i attended the state fair this year with my sil & niece and my sister and her bf. it was a good day. didn't get to eat as much fried food as i wanted, because my feet & back were so achey that we left after spending 5-6 hours there. did get to try deep fried alligator, and it was pretty good. only because of the seasoning they put on the batter. lol

the other reason i wanted to go was to check out the nail art merchandise. i bought a migi nail art pen kit, and 6 konad image plates. the nail art kit was $25, which my sister bought for me. =) the plates were $32.


Jean said...

i don't think i ate much either. i have been full for the longest, but i eat anyway.. ick.

sisters are the best. they really are <3 <3

nplaher said...

Wonder if those nail pen are good? And nice Konad plate. I bought a mini kit before, had a really hard time to applying the design. Maybe I'll try again.

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