Thursday, November 17, 2011

current projects....

i've been obsessing over this knit fox stole i saw on one of the glee episodes. i loved it the first time i watched it, but after watching it again on netflix, i've become obsessed. i've been googling like crazy to try to find a crochet pattern since i don't knit. let me just tell you that trying to find a crochet pattern for this was super hard. i was lucky enough that its been a couple of years since this came out, so people actually made up patterns. still, its not the same as the knit one. so far, its coming along okay. sadly, i ran out of yarn! i'll have to buy another skein tonight and see if i can finish it up by the end of the weekend. i still like the look of the knit one better, so i might just have to teach myself how to knit just so i can make it. damn you anthropologie for always coming up with super cute stuff.

i'm also loving this jersey/lace infinite scarf. i love mostly all things lace. i already have the perfect materials for to make this.

now, if only i had ten hands and enough time to make everything at once.


Dorothy Explor'r said...

id LOVE to see what your crochet'd fox is looking like..! thats awesome.

but i am mos def in love with the jersey knit/lace scarf. i think im adding that to my list of projects! :)

Pang said...

@Dorothy Explor'r: i'm still working on it. i'll post up a photo when i'm closer to being done.

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