Wednesday, November 16, 2011

something old into something new

aside from my love for crocheting and nail art, i also make jewelry. a few years ago, i bought this long pearl necklace from the thrift store. i loved it, until the string broke off from the clasp (string beaded necklace? yep, its that old). i apologize for not taking a before photo.  anyway, i finally got around to taking off the pearls and "restrung" them into a new necklace with a pendant i bought. i actually have more pearls left over from the necklace, so i might have to make another one or make a bracelet or two.


Jean said...

total awesomeness!

Dorothy Explor'r said...

i love thrifting and vintage jewelry/accessories. but i also have no problem splurging on something too... so it balances eachother out. ahah. very cute, though.

btw, im at if you wanna check me out! follow me if you like what you see..!


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