Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello Kitty, Hello Teddy, and Hello Nails!

i'm still behind on finishing up my other crochet projects, but here are some of the ones i finished up for customers. i recently had a huge order for christmas, which was 12 headbands, and over $100.

she gave them away as christmas gifts!

here's a close up of the flower.
 the back view with button.

here's a hello kitty hat i made for another customer. i actually made her two. one was a child size, and the other was a newborn size. her daughter loved it!

then, my cousin ordered this 12" teddy bear as a babyshower gift for someone.

she wanted a lavender color, so thats why the teddy bear was purple.

visit my fb page for more photos: Yarning With Love

aside from crocheting like a maniac, i was finally able to paint my nails. with orders picking up, i never had the time to really sit down and do something nice with my nails. if you know me, you would know that i never let my nail polish chip off, but because of my lack of time, i've been letting my polish chip off. yuck.
anyway, i decided to try out the magazine print nail art. if you haven't seen/heard of it, its just like the newspaper print one, except with magazines. i had a hard time getting the words to stick down nicely. i found that the pink words worked out a lot better. the tribal print & stripe print on my nails were actually shirts on models in my magazine. i was surprised it worked out so well.  of course, that was only because the shirts were black and white and had nothing on the back of the ad. which is the key to making this nail art work! i also added a bit of silver glitter over some the nails to give it more dimension.

 the magazine prints definitely gave more of a "grunge" look, but i loved the outcome of the look.
if you're interested in trying it out: go  view this youtube video for some step by step instructions.


Dorothy Explor'r said...

love your crochet work..! if only i wore headbands. too cute.


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