Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Nail Polish Rack

ever since i got the nook from my bf, i've been youtubing at night for ideas and diy stuff. i came across one for a nail polish rack made from foam board and put together with a glue gun. here's the link to the one i watched: youtube. i was amazed. lol i recently took out my computer from my desk so that i could use my desk to paint my nails. i actually bought my foam board from joann's for only 1.99 since it was on sale. the size that i bought was a 21 by 30, i believe. it was a good size. if i wasn't going to make it fit into my desk, it would've held a lot more polishes. anyway, onto photos.

here's the before shot of my desk.

here's the after shot of the completed rack with shelf lining for the back drop. (its leftover from this post).
i was only able to make 4 shelves because my nail polishes were pretty tall, so really only 2 fit the polishes perfectly. the top shelf was for the small polishes that i had. the bottom was for the tallest and the nail art polishes.

here's what the completed rack looks like. i was only able to fit some not all of my polishes. these are the ones that i would most likely use the most.

i also had some foam board left over, so i made a nail brush holder and an extra container for other misc stuff. i'll take a photo of that later.


Jean said...

i love youtube & pinterest!

Pang said...

@jean: so do i!!!! =)

charlene-ann said...

ohhh lala!! I love the nailpolish rack! quite the collection you have there

Dorothy Explor'r said...

awesome idea..! i heart diy projects :)


Pang said...

@charlene-ann: thanks! thats not even half of my collection!

Pang said...

@Dorothy Explor'r : i know, me too! my family calls me "martha stewart". lol

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