Wednesday, May 2, 2012


sorry for the lack of updates my fellow bloggers. i've been extremely busy with LIFE.
here are a few photos from my trip to california back in march. we went for one of my older sister's wedding. we stayed for a week, but it was definitely not long enough to do everything we wanted to do. plus, driving everywhere takes up so much time! i hate that we had to drive 2 hours just to visit family. overall, it was nice to finally have the WHOLE family together again. sadly, we weren't able to take a real family photo with all of us. it sucks that they live there, and we live here.

i have over 100 photos, but they're all on facebook. here are a few of my favorites.

 myself with the bride and groom.

 my brother, sis in law, and niece feeding squirrels. 

 my niece smelling a flower.

 my sisters and sis in law with our mom at a restaurant in monteray bay

 my niece found a new friend while in california. lol

 this is probably my third time to yosemite national park.
 (i should post up my other photos that i have from my previous trips here. same spot, different time)

the view from my airplane window seat.


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