Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Massive Collective Haul part 1

i know that some people don't like it when others post up haul blogs, but i love looking at what other people buy, because if i like it too, then i can go out and buy the same thing. =) here's what i've bought over the last couple of months. most of the items are from h&m, because they were having a coupon for 20% off an item, and so i took advantage of it by going numerous times. lol

 rings from h&m

 rings that were only $1 for 6!

 angel wing from h&m, they didn't have a size large, so i settled for xs/s

butterfly bracelet from claires $4.95

 pearl collar necklace from h&m $12.99? i can't remember.

ring from sears, for $1.99.

thrift store find $4.99 quite expensive, but too cute to pass up. 


nplaher said...

Nice hauling on the accessories.

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