Friday, June 29, 2012

Closet Space

i need a new closet. mine is filled to the top (literally) and to the sides.
i've always had my closet color coordinated. its more pleasing to look at, and easier to find what i want to wear. i also only use the "huggable" hangers. they can get pricey, but i'm never going back to plastic hangers ever again. its worth it to help protect and hang up your clothes. i don't know how people (ie: celebrities ) can have really nice expensive clothes, but hang it on plastic hangers or on those huge plastic hangers that come from the stores when you buy a shirt. 

 here's a view of my closet space when you open the doors.
(okay, i lied, i have a couple of plastic hangers, but thats because i need to get more huggable ones. lol)
 top shelf is filled with skirts, sweaters, "winter" stuff
my top rack is for the colors i rarely wear plus dresses on the end.
 view of the side where my dresses are. i started out with like 8 dresses, and now i have too many to fit into my closet.
bottom rack is for my whites, creams, and pinks which i wear more of.

do you color coordinate your closet? any closet tips? i'd love to see what your closet looks like. 


nplaher said...

LOL I'm need a new closet myself. Planning to to re-do my room, with more storage. But that's a dream some day. LOL

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