Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Wedding Cake Box

i made this last month for my sister's wedding.  she asked me to make her a wedding cake card box to hold all their cards that they would be getting. i had to google some ideas, but i decided to model it after their cake design. they had a white cake, with black ribbon, and red cherry blossom flowers. if you remember my white flower purchase from the thrift store in this post, that was why i bought it. i had to search high and low for stamens, because i couldn't find any at my local craft stores. it was a pain to rip off the flowers and keep the stamens, but it definitely was less work than making my own. of course, now they're everywhere at the craft stores. lol i hate how that happens.

 step 1: line up your boxes to where you would want them to be. i bought this set of 3 from joanns for only $5 (with a coupon).
 step 2: mark your boxes so you can cut out the holes

 step 3: cut out the holes with a box cutter. also cut out a hole for the top tier large enough to slip a card through.

 step 4: wrap your tiers separately. since i was only using wrapping paper, it was a bit easier than using fabric.
 step 5: take/glue the ribbon around the bottom of the tiers.

 step 6: restack your tiers and mark with a pencil the ends to you can glue them in place.

 step 7: glue your tiers into place. i used a glue gun and put glue on the bottom edges of the tiers and pressed them into place ontop of the other tiers. i also reinforced the tiers by putting glue along the inside seams of the tiers.
 here are the flowers that i had to rip apart.
step 8: tada! stamens! for my flowers. pull the stamens through the holes of the flowers.
 this jar of tiny flowers was only $4.99 because it was on clearance.

 i stacked a smaller one ontop of a bigger one to create a 3-d flower.

 step 9: glue your completed flowers onto the "cake".

i also made the bigger flowers with a punch and embossed the edges.
 here's the finished product with the "topper".
everyone loved my box. unfortunately, it was prettier than the cake. lol (my sister had a cake made that was part of the package of her catering, so it wasn't as nice).

it was quite easy to make, and only cost me a total of $20 since i already had most of the supplies.


Rena said...

Lovely! Now I'm wondering how my sister's "honeymoon briefcase" is going to look like.

<33 Rena

nplaher said...

This is a really great idea and you did a really good job on it too.

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