Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mid-summer haul

i've been shopping a lot because after i donated a lot of my clothes, i felt like i needed a new wardrobe.
 i'm in love with coral, mint green, and pastel rose pink for the summer.

 favorite purchase from h&m. when i wore it, i got so many compliments.
 exposed back zipper
 i love the fringe detail on the back of this simple black tank top.

 platform wedges that are super comfy.

 lace bandeaus from f21 for $6.50 & rose gold detailing on h&m sandals for $15.
 i was in need of some black shoes, so i bought these two at target for $17 & $12. i love it when target clearances off their shoes. they had a lot of other cute shoes on clearance too, but being a size 7, means, there's rarely ever any in my size.=(

more clearance items from target. i love the eiffel tower earrings.


Rena said...

I want to donate so many of my clothes as well, but then, I thought it would be a better idea to offer them to my nieces and sisters first.There is so much that if I sent them all, it would cost me a total of $60-90. After that, THEN, I will definitely need to go shopping; however, the only downfall is that there's not enough variety on the market right now to satisfy my shopping spree. I try not to buy too much of the same/super similar items...but YES I was just at Target and just HAD to check out the shoe clearance section...I enjoy going there for baby clothes at the end of the season for the bargains. I think you would benefit even more if you had their coupons, something which I need to start using by downloading the coupon thingy.
Also, I've been debating about setting up shop online, but it seems like it'd be too much of a hassle.

Anyway, I enjoy seeing your hauls!

<33 Rena

nplaher said...

I love mint, cream and pinks too. Perfect for these hot summer days. I was going to get the H&M shirt, but I wish the material was different or thicker.

That's nice that you donate. I use to donate my clothes to the hmong people in Thailand/Laos or some of my youth group.

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