Tuesday, January 17, 2012


i went shopping over the weekend with my bf. we went to the mall of america, but i didn't really buy anything except for a few shirts/tanks from old navy since they were having an extra 40% off of their clearance.

we also stopped by ikea so that i could pick up some more dvd boxes to hold my stuff. i love putting my stuff into boxes because i hate looking at clutter and i hate getting my stuff all dusty. i also picked up some plant pots to use as containers for my pens and stuff. they were super cute, and only 2.99 a piece. i bought 3. =)

here's what it looks like after i put all my pencils/pens/ etc into it. 
i also picked up this lamp for my desk so that i can have better lighting to paint my nails. this one was 9.99.

the next day my bf & i stopped by marshalls so that i could look for some more containers for my stuff. i didn't see anything that i really loved, but i did see this.

its similar to the fox stole that i wanted. see previous post here. instead of a fox, it was a siberian tiger by kate spade. it was on clearance too! for $25. i normally wouldn't spend $25 for a scarf, but decided since i didn't have the time to make my fox stole, and since this was from kate spade for only $25, i'd buy it! 

can you believe it was originally $165?!!! crazy. even though they marked it down to $166, its still a lot. marshalls had it for $39.99, but i got it on clearance for cheaper.
here's me with the tiger on my shoulder.


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